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5 Proven Ways to Boost Alexa Ranking in 2020

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5 Proven Ways to Boost Alexa Ranking in 2020

All most every bloggers have a common question in their mind that How to Improve Alexa Ranking Quickly. Alexa Rank shows your website ranking among the rest of the all websites. In this post I’m going to share some working and legal trick to Increase Alexa rank.

 How To Increase Alexa Rank ?

There are several tricks and methods shared on Internet to Increase alexa rank. But in this post I’m going to tell you my self experience to increase Alexa rank of a blog or website.

Many of my friends ask me a silly question that why don’t you use the software to increase alexa rank of your blog. Some of them have tried and get success. But I never believe in those type of methods to boost up the alexa ranking of a website. They are termed as Black hat methods and which are not preferable.

Some of the Black hat methods will increase the Alexa rank by Refreshing your website continuously and you will see a rapid change in your Alexa but On the other hand bounce rate of your website will increase like anything and directly affect the SEO, So never tried this type of Methods to increase Alexa rank. Use the following methods, which are legal and really helpful.

5 Proven Methods To Boost Alexa Rank in 2020

    1.) Claim Your Website In Alexa

    Claiming is nothing but to verify your website with your proof on the alexa.com. During the claiming of your website they will ask you a several details about you and your website. This will be helpful for you as well others who are seeking for the information about your website/blog. You can Claim your website by adding alexa meta tag in the </head> tag which is provided during the registration.

    2. ) Exchange the Alexa Reviews

    Alexa tab consist of the several things as Traffic Stats, Search Analysis, Audience, Contact Info, Reviews, Related Links and Click Stream. If you have a good number of positive alexa review then your chances to get on top will be increased. There are many groups available on the Facebook and twitter. You may directly as your friends to exchange the alexa review of your website. This will help to both of you in the sence of increase in Alexa ranking.

    3.) Add Alexa Gadget to your Blog/Website

    Yes, This is the killer method to boost up the Alexa ranking within few days. I have personally tried this trick on my blog and get the rapid change in the Alexa Ranking. The reason behind adding the widget is that your website will be a source of referral traffic for Alexa.com. The maximum number of hits you get on the Alexa widget will help you to increase more and more alexa rank. You can add Alexa widget on your website from the official website

    4.) Install Alexa Toolbar in Browser

    This is the verified during the Conversation with the Alexa team that you will get more benefit if your website gets traffic from the browsers having Alexa toolbar Installed. So it always recommended to install the toolbar and recommend others to do so.

    5.) Make Good and Quality Backlinks

    This is a little but important factor that affect your website alexa ranking as well Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP). By having a good number of quality backlinks you will get higher in SERP and higher SERP will directly affect your Blog/website Alexa Ranking.

    Above all, guide helps you increase your website's Alexa score and rank.

    Are you ready to increase your website Alexa Rankings in 2020?

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