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Selecting the Best Domain name for your Blogging Ventures

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Selecting the Best Domain name for your Blogging

Iam sure many of you guys are always confused with the selection of domain name and its really hard to select a domain name because its one of the most important factor in your online venture. Here are few tips which you need to consider before you register your first domain name for your online venture.

       Keep It Sweet Simple and short

Which means that you need to make sure you get the best domain which is really sweet to pronounce and simple easy to remember, dont go for domain names like because even though thats simple and easy to remember its not real small. Also try to ignore domain names like because they do have the right keywords you are targeting but they dont attract the visitors. Make sure you do the right search to find the best domain name for your online venture.

       TLD Selection

There are numerous TLD[Top Level Domains] based on countries & entities like .com, .in, .net, org, .info, .asia, .aero, .biz, .edu, .gov, .jobs, .mil, .mobi, .pro, .travel, .ie, .it, .my, .pk etc Generally the first timers to the internet are given a idea that internet is a place where they can browse the .com websites and get the information they need. This is the very reason .com is the only .tld which would get the most traffic. You need to make sure you always grab the .com version of your domain name. In case you own a domain name which is not a .com you will obviously lose a lot of traffic because many users write down the domain name and click Ctrl+Enter and directly get to the .com version making you lose these visitors.

       Keyword Stuffed Domain Names

It is generally considered good if you can register a domain name which has your most important keywords though its not compulsary but it surely helps. Dont you think you can get more visitors and search engine rankings if you own a domain name like rather than a domain name like because the first domain name would have the most important keyword ‘domain’ and this can help you in the ranking factors and also the visitors can remember your domain name easily.

      Register your Domain Name for Longer Period

If possible try to register your domain name for a longer period than the default one year registeration period because its generally considered to add up a trust factor and this way the search engines give more weightage to your domain name. Though this point is not yet proven but there is nothing wrong in investing couple $ more for getting your domain name registration extended for few more years.

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