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48 Best Free Blogger Templates 2020 Responsive & Premium

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Are you looking for a free WordPress blog theme for your website?

There are thousands of free blog themes for WordPress making it harder for beginners to choose one for their sites. These blog themes are further divided into different niches and categories.

In this article, we have hand-picked some of the best free WordPress blog themes that you can use on your new blog.

Getting Started with WordPress

First, you need to make sure that you are using the right platform. Self hosted WordPress.org site is the perfect platform to start your blog because it gives you more freedom, flexibility, and control.

It is open source and comes with support for thousands of free templates and extensions that help you grow your blog faster. See our guide on why you should use WordPress for more details.

You can use our step by step beginner’s guide on how to start a WordPress blog for full instructions.

Once you are up and running, it is time to choose a theme for your website. You can choose a theme from our expert selection below and then follow the instructions in our how to install a WordPress theme guide to set it up properly.

Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the best free WordPress blog themes that you can install on your website.

Free Blogging WordPress Themes & Templates 2020

Check out the largest collection of free WordPress themes for blogging. Join to download your favorite template with one click and start customizing your blog right away. The themes on JustFreeThemes are carefully curated and come in line with the latest WordPress trends. They’re also responsive and offer flexible designs.

Choosing the Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

Choosing the best free WordPress blog theme is important to start a blog successfully. It’s not as simple as choosing a theme that looks cool and is free. While you may think a theme looks great, if a WordPress blog theme is designed poorly, it can cause your website to lose traffic as well as upset your readers.

Instead, you need to consider a number of factors besides looks when choosing the perfect theme for your blog, including:
  1. Responsive: Your blog needs to be mobile-friendly. Choose a responsive WordPress theme that will look great on any device.
  2. Simplistic: A theme that’s bloated with a lot of features will slow down your site and can confuse readers. Choose a WordPress blog theme that’s designed with simplicity in mind.
  3. Reviews: If the theme has plenty of glowing reviews, it’s probably a good choice. On the other hand, numerous bad reviews will let you know to steer clear.

What is a blog template?

Photo, multimedia and portfolio blog template layouts are used to show a variety of images or videos in an attractive manner. Usually, images or videos will be displayed across the homepage and the interior pages of a blog that uses a photo, multimedia or portfolio template layout.

How do I create a custom template?

Edit templates

  1. Click File > Open.
  2. Double-click This PC. (In Word 2013, double-click Computer).
  3. Browse to the Custom Office Templates folder that's under My Documents.
  4. Click your template, and click Open.
  5. Make the changes you want, then save and close the template.

How to Start a Blog in 6 Steps

  1. Pick a blog name. Choose something descriptive.
  2. Get your blog online. Register your blog and get hosting.
  3. Customize your blog. Choose a free template and tweak it.
  4. Write & publish your first post. The fun part!
  5. Promote your blog. Get more people to read your blog.
  6. Make money blogging.

How can I create my own template?

Use a template to create a new presentation

  1. On the Standard toolbar, click New from template .
  2. In the left navigation pane, under TEMPLATES, click My Templates. ...
  3. In the right navigation pane, you can select the colors, font, and slide size for the template.
  4. Click the template that you created, and then click Choose.

Free Blogger Templates 2020 Responsive 

Free Blogger Templates that will give you a highly professional website in no time. Yes! We at TemplateToaster delivers the superior quality Blogger templates to make things simple for you. You would find amazing options to start your own personal blog website. These free Blogger templates have all the required features that would lead to a beautiful blog site quickly.

48 Best Free Blogger Templates 2020 Responsive & Premium

1. NewsPaper Blogger Template

Newspaper is a modern news and magazine Blog Theme. Was designed to meet the requirements of news bloggers. Iy is a beautifully designed responsive magazine blogger template. It comes with many features. Layouts with many sections and able to show a lot of information on the cover. This is one of the best seller responsive newspaper and magazine Blogger templates. NewsPaper is a premium flat, clean, super flexible and fully responsive blogger theme, best suited for Technology, News or Blog Websites. 

48 Best Free Blogger Templates 2020 Responsive & Premium

2. MasyDownload free News Blogger Template "Masy" 2020

48 Best Free Blogger Templates 2020 Responsive & Premium

3. Techwise blogger template

Techwise blogger theme was built special for magazine and news websites or blogs, this is the main reason at which i decided to add this theme for my collection. Design of this template looks great, but some things is unnecessary. For example such lines which are framed widgets reduce the work on the design of waste. Most of all I liked in this template slider, which located in side bar. Also techwise has a lot widgets and functions, which is very important when dealing with news sites and blogs.

48 Best Free Blogger Templates 2020 Responsive & Premium

4. Better Mag Blogspot theme

Responsive magazine blogger template. Better Mag is a super customizable and flexible template for bloggers who can hold a lot of different topics (categories), or splitting one category into sub categories. The design is fully responsive, also fully made template markup for better indexing by search engines. When users visit your website or blog, a stylish slider will attract their eyes first. The template is very easy to use and setting up.

5. NewsPro Blogger template

6. Micro Magis perfect for magazine websites. 

He has compact and responsive design. Include some modern and stylish widgets, for example sliders. Also looks great his color combination. 

7. MeshMag Blogger Theme

Magazine type of theme, Five columns, Sticky sidebar, Top Menu, Social icons, Sticky Megamenu, Search window, Two sliders, Six different types of featured posts widgets, Infinite scroll, Ads sections, Button back to top, Related posts, About author widget, Blogger comments, Responsive layout.

8. VeryMag VeryMag Blogger theme: 

Magazine type of theme, Six columns, Dropdown menu, Topbar, Social icons, Search winodw, Slider, Seven different types of featured posts widgets, Not numbered pagenavigation, Breadcrumbs, About author widget, Related posts, Blogger comments, Recent posts widget, Orange color, Button back to top, Lightbox, Sidebar widgets switcher.

9. BPress Responsive

News and Magazine type of theme, Five columns, Sticky sidebar, Topbar, Social icons and buttons, Advertisment sections, Breaking news widget, Slider, 7 diffirent types of featured posts widgets, Numbered pagenavigation, Bottom menu, Button back to top, Pop-up contact form, Sidebar widgets switcher, Subscribe by email, Breadcrumbs, About author widget, Newer Older posts, Related post, Blogger Disqus and Facebook comments, Multi colors, much more. 

10. Seo Sports Magazine Blogger Template: 

Six columns, Topnav, Social buttons follow us, Carousel slider, Dropdown menu, Search box, Full width featured posts widget, Another carousel slider, Simple pagenav, Auto read more, Button back to top, Widget of similar articles, About author, Blogger comments, Responsive design, Blue color.

11. MagOne news

Magazine style theme, 5 columns, Topnav, Social icons, Dropdown menu, Breaking news, 6 featured posts widgets, Sidebar widget switcher, Carousel slider, Breadcrumbs, Lightbox, Share buttons, Related posts, Subscribe by email widget, Next and Previous articles, Blogger Disqus and Facebook comments, Blue and Black colors, Button on top, Responsive layout, much more

12. MagmaFeatures: 

2 columns, 3 footer columns, Topbar, Social buttons follow us, Breaking news, Ads section, Dropdown menu, Dropdown search window, Breadcrumbs, Sidebar widget switcher, Subscribe by email, Sticky Sidebar, Numbered pagenavigation, Social icons follow us, Blogger Disqus and Facebook comments systems, Red dark and blue colors, Responsive design, much more

13. Flow magazine

Features: 2 columns, 3 footer columns, Dropdown menu, Numbered pagenavigation, Right sidebar, Social icons follow us, Red and black colors, Responsive design, Disqus comment system, Social buttons share this, Widget follow by email, Button back to top, Lazy loading thumbnails

14. Minima Colored 3 Mag

15. Cornermag

Features: 2 columns, Horizontal menu, Ads section, Scroll button, Featured posts widget, Numbered pagenavigation, Social buttons, Blogger comments, Responsive layout, Light colors, Auto read more

16. Mild Magazine

Features: 2 columns, Top nav, Dropdown menu, Numbered pagenavigation, Blue colors, Mobile friendly, Blogger comment form, Social buttons "share this", Subscribe by Email, Featured posts widget, Related posts

17. XadowMagz

Features: 2 columns, 3 footer columns, Sticky dropdown menu, Numbered pagenavigation, Right sidebar, Social icons follow us, Disqus comment form, Social buttons, 3 different featured widgets, Search box, Blue colors, related posts

18. Sinensis

Features: 5 columns, Topnav, Search box, Dropdown menu, Social icons, Slider, Numbered pagenavigation, About author, Next Previous stories, Related posts, Blogger comment form

19. Jugas

Description: Jugas is a modern, clean, and minimal Blogger Theme for your next blog and for those who want to create a minimal and beautiful online content site or a personal blog. Jugas Blogger Template is created for those who want to create a minimal and beautiful online content site or a personal blog. It will make your site more responsive and user friendl. This theme is 100% responsive, that means it fits with all different kind of devices in different sizes. Your site readers can easily browse your site content from different devices and can enjoy anything from your website.

20. Extremis Btemplate

21. Linezap

22. Top news 

23. Vienna Mag

24. Maxazine

Features: Two main columns, three footer columns, Top menu, Social icons, Ready advertisment, Dropdown menu, Six different featured widgets, Numbered pagenavigation, Button back to top, Auto read more, Social networks buttons, About author, Related posts, Blogger comments, Search box, Black red colors, Lazy load pictures, HTML5 CSS, Responsive

25. SportsMag

Features: Five columns, Topnav, Social icons and buttons "follow us" "share", Search window, Dropdown menu, 5 different featured posts widgets, Numbered Pagenavigation, Scrolling button on top, Recent comments, Breadcrumbs, Related posts, Previous Next posts, Blogger comments, CSS3 HTML5, Black and red colors

26. ChicMag

Features: Two main columns, Three footer columns, Dropdown mega menu, Search form, Social icons, Featured posts widget, Ready Advertise, Numbered pagenavigation, Button back to top, Random posts, Recent posts with thumbnails and hover effect, Blogger Disqus and Facebook comments, Related articles, Red black and white colors

27. Techy

Features: Two main columns, three footer columns, Top menu, Social icons, Ready advertisment, Dropdown menu, Widgets multi tab, Numbered pagenavigation, Button back to top, Auto read more, Social networks buttons, About author, Related posts, Blogger and Facebook comments, Search box, Black and blue colors

28. Blogius

Features: Social icons "follow us", Main title, Banner 728*90, Six different types of featured widgets for home page, Recent posts by label with thumbnails, Sidebar multi-tabs, Scrolling button "back to top", Breaking news, Breadcrumbs, Buttons "Share in social networks", Similar Articles, Responsive design, HTML5 CSS3, Low page speed loading, Slider, carousel, Stylish list and cloud labels, Special video widget, Auto read more, CSS animation, Recent comments widget, Subscribe in social with counter, Color customizing

29. Newstopia

Features: HTML5 and CSS3, Responsive, Medium speed page loadning, Three types of widgets by labels on homepage, Subscribe by Eamil box, Ralted posts in table display, Blogposts like pinterest.

30. News 52

Features: Breaking news, date, automatic slider, search window, two widgets recent posts by label, carousel slider, another two widgets recent posts by specifi labels, blogspots, social media buttons folloow us, share this buttons by Addthis, author box, Related stories,

31. BlackCity 2

Features: HTML5 CSS3, social buttons foolow us, small main title, search window, Slider by label, grid style posts, numbered page navigation, button up to top, author box, share networks buttons, Related posts,


Hello my dear. Along time ago i stubled on this magic template and i said: "Wow, thats really incredible"! But all we know what most of free template got some limitations, unfortunately NEOMAGz on them. So our main task was to reduce some of them and make this blogger theme much easier, faster and better. His page speed was to low, after few settings its increased allmost on half.

33. Pressmania red

Dear friends it's time to meet you with next magazine and newspaper theme for blogger. Maybe several of you is already seen this free template. Nonetheless Pressmania Red has a lot differences. Of course better or worse it became after our rework, decide to you.

Use it for: sport, games, health, music, nature and nimal, drink and food, politics, business and other popular topics.

So let's begin our review. First we reduced main wrapper. In the main page you could see beautiful slider. But he perceived not all pictures and sometimes there was a break between picture and slider box. So we set more stretch for picture in slider. There was a posibility to add a nice picture in header and we used it. Then in the main page we opened blog posts (Latest Posts) and little settled their. One problem was in page navigation because it shows only 150 posts, now it's unlimited. Below page navigtion you could see carousel slider in wich was removed two additional tabs, because sometimes they are not displayed posts. Widget recent \ comments in right sidebar did not allowed to place above itself other widgets. That's why we moved him down. Now look on label, there is cloud and list style. Move on, let's open some of posts, the first thing we could see here it's a new widget, which allows your readers to share and like in the same time. Also if they didn't like this post they could press a dislike button. Older widget related posts was a fantastic, but for some reason he displayed only recent posts. So we changed him. New related posts is not so bright, but works fine. And in the end we prescribe a markup for seo friendly blog.

34. Life&Style

35. Raintimes

Raintimes is the best of all free newspaper and magazine blogger templates, it is very easy to explain. It is clear that the type of template is determined by the design of its home page, so just take a look at it and you will see an amazing mix of all the elements of the blog. And that's not all there is own unique widgets in side bar. This is professionall news template not otherwise. 

36. Rin MagzRin 

Magz it's kind of simple and light magazine or newspaper blogger template. All this we could see on homepage, it is not heavily congested by various widgets and gadgets in comparison with other news templates. You can use this theme in such topics as sport, games, politics, business, travel, dance, food, cooking, movie, anime, music, culture, cars, health, nature, fantasy and so long. Rin Magz have two main columns and a lot sections for widgets. Is it SEO friendly? Yes, Rin Magz is SEO optimized. With regard to seo optimization, in comparison with other free templates in this theme, nothing to complain about.

37. Top Magazine

Top Magazine it's a simple version of newspaper blogger template. It has beutiful and specific design. In fact this theme could be used for blogs or websites next categories:

So if you have hot news, Top Magazine blogger template will helps you spread them all over the internet. It is also worth noting, that this template is similar to a different theme from our collection Newcon. Check it out. Besides all this must say, what this theme is very simple to customize.

38. NewCon

NewCon is a truly new and modern blogger template, he was released in early 2017. He's good organized and well performed. This type of theme related to the news and magazine. The speed of loading pages blog is on average level, that is not bad for this type of template. Special attention should be clean and nice design. Work on SEO optimization done, but not until the end. Now let's look at its features in detail.

Be honest at the beginning of a template dating is really impressive, but at the end of it begin to notice that there are many things that could be done better, for example buttons read more, scroll bar, and so on. All the same in 2020 is not good, need to make more new stuffs.

39. Tech News

Tech News is a simple informational blogger template which can be used for websites and blogs with a news topics. Why is it simple? That is because, unlike other news templates, Tech News has only one featured posts widget on the main page. Tech news has a medium speed downloading of pages. Also have some questions to the SEO.

40. Daze

Daze it's another awesome and stylish news blogger template. It has six widget sections on homepage for displaying latest posts by labels. Sticky and dropdown horizontal navigation menu which include social media buttons and search box. Below navigation menu located stylich breaking news widget. Template is responsive, but not completely. Right sidebar composed with multi tabs menu in which you can set up any widget you want. Also where is latest posts and latest comments widgets. Item posts has two types of social media buttons, with counter and without it.

41. Sure Mag

Sure Mag it's a news blogger template, which was created in 2017. So this blogger template most newest for today. Suremag was created by MSdesign as you can see template is sticking to its line. Where is no recent posts on home page in section blogposts, only featured widgets which display posts by labels. In the bottom of the template you can see three columns for gadgets. In right sidebar located search window, social buttons, popular posts and recent posts. Page speed is not so high but still enough for good interaction with search engines and users.

42. Minerva

This is most fastest magazine blogger template.
Blogger Minima Template Minerva was developed from Blogger Minima template. It has been upgraded to a magazine format template with responsive design professional, appropriate to the site news, technology, entertainment.

43. Easy Mag

Easy Mag is a clean Blogger Theme for personal blogs with simple creative features, Easy Mag Blogger Template is a light and elegant theme tailored to be exceptional on all kinds of blogs. Not only its modern design is pleasing to the eyes, it packs in robust yet easy-to-use backend system all managed through Blogger Layout. Perfect for fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, travel blogs, food blogs, craft, tech, creative, etc. It is responsive means it will fit in various device of different size.

We have several great feature for you such as increase the pleasure of reading and that will help of your focusing. Everything is away from you expect that the content you want to read. One theme…so many possibilities!! PLUS…Dedicated Support & FREE Lifetime Updates!

44. TechNext

TechNext is a Free Blogger Template, showcases magazine style design with lots of features. This is for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing, reviews, entertainment, health, high-tech, fashion, travel, sports, business, politics and others! Technext Blogger Template is suitable for gaming magazines, newspaper publishers, magazine or advanced blogs. This theme is a great choice to create a Beautiful & Powerful website! Technext theme is highly flexible and enables you configure every detail and customize it according to your needs. Easy set up and use. It comes with detailed documentation and awesome support.

45. Dens

Dens - news type, clean and stylish template for blogger with responsive design that allows you to focus on the content. It can be used for subjects such as technology, sports, tourist destinations, travelling, movies, magazines, blogs Lynch, fashion, style, sports, etc .. With an attractive color combination and enthusiastic professionals has many features. With a focus on reducing bounce rate, while the increase in ad impressions, this theme will keep your visitors, all this will help to achieve maximum advertising revenue! If you are looking for a template for blogger news style, then this is the best choice for you. So enjoy!

46. Jupiter

47. Sora Buzz 

Recently I began to notice that blogger template of different web designers are increasingly began to resemble each other. Surely if there were problems with the ideas in this regard. For example, a template for blogger will, which now will be discussed, it reminds me of a template that is already in our collection, you can find it on the same page below, it is called Socio Viral. Not to be one to one, but still obvious similarity noticeable to the naked eye. In general, our newcomer is unique, so let's get to know him better. Now bloggers discussed the community's hot new style template, credited the viral dissemination of information property. Do not be scared no viruses is not there, just one of the designers shared hes idea, and the rest was supported here and a new style was born. As I understand it, this sensation has risen due to the addition of a template of more buttons to share on social networks in the rest of all, as usual.

48. AdMag


Blogger is a wonderful platform to set up a blog site with ease. Blogger has a clean and intuitive interface that gives you amazing robust features to establish a website and share your experiences and knowledge with everyone vis your blog. You may find various other means to communicate or present your thoughts but blogging is still the most conventional and relevant way to do that. Setting a blog site can be challenging since you are not offering any service to your visitors. In fact, your content is everything and you can’t use any ordinary solution to build your website. And to give your website an appealing look, use our free Blogger templates without a second thought.

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