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Highlight 6 Of The Best Antivirus Tools for Android in 2020

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Having the best Android antivirus app installed on your smartphone or tablet is essential. After all, Android is the most widely-used operating system in the world, and that means it can be a big target for malicious users.

We do so much with our Android devices, such as mobile banking, that getting malware on your smartphone or tablet could be incredibly serious indeed, which is why it's vital to install one of the best Android antivirus apps you'll find on this page.

In this article, we’re going to highlight 6 of the best antivirus tools for Android in 2020 - most of which are completely free apps to download.

Many of them do much more than run automatic scans, and they’ll actively try to prevent malicious web pages and files from being opened or downloaded in the first place.
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The Best Antivirus Tools for Android in 2020

Viruses and malware are everywhere online - and it can be a pain to get rid of if your device isn't protected. If you don't mind the ads, free antivirus apps are an excellent way to stop malware attacking your Android cellphone or tablet. We tested several apps on both lab and personal devices. Here are some of the better options available.

Highlight 6 Of The Best Antivirus Tools for Android in 2020

Best overall:Security Master

Antivirus Android Apps remain one of the most popular forms of applications on Android. Whether or not these applications are expected can be a topic that has been debated. You don’t require one if you play it safe, only download apps from your Play Store, and maintain your security settings enabled. However, you’ll find those that prefer to take a walk to the wild side and not do those ideas. Whatever the case, listed below are the very best antivirus apps and anti-malware apps for Android that you can use to protect your Android smartphone and tablets.

Android is one of the most popular and widely used mobile operating systems because of its customizations and simplicity. The rate of the use of Android mobile phones has been increased significantly large. Smartphones are devices we take with you virtually everywhere, and we keep a myriad of sensitive information to them, so it’s very important to keep them safe when you don’t want anyone to access your bank card info or anything of the type.Security Master stops threats before they attack your device and helps remove junk files, so your phone or tablet runs fast. The app lock plugs up privacy holes in programs like Facebook, Instagram and web browsers, and secures files, like photo galleries from hackers and snoops. Free at Google Play

Data shield:Avast Mobile Security

This mobile security program has a data shield to protect photos, contact information, and other sensitive files from being seen or swiped by unauthorized apps and hackers. It stops malware before it attacks your device and blocks phishing schemes. Free at Google Play

Highlight 6 Of The Best Antivirus Tools for Android in 2020

Scheduled scans:AVL Pro

You can schedule virus scans with this Android app, which is a plus in keeping your device malware-free, and it gives you insight on which apps are accessing your data and using the most resources. Though scans do take some time, and it causes some device slowdown, overall AVL Pro is a decent solution for free malware protection. Free at Google Play

All this app does is scan your device for malware that may have made it onto your phone or tablet. There isn't a safe browsing feature or phishing filters to stop attacks, but its autopilot mode scans your device often enough to catch threats before they become a problem. Free at Google Play
Highlight 6 Of The Best Antivirus Tools for Android in 2020

Anti-theft:Lookout Security

The free Lookout app frequently scans your phone for any malware and helps you remove it. It also shows you which apps are running in the background and draining your device's battery. Its anti-theft tools help you locate your lost phone and also remotely access and wipe sensitive data. Free at Google Play

No slowdown:McAfee Mobile Security

This antivirus app's secure browsing stops malware from downloading and blocks phishing schemes without slowing down your device. It monitors Wi-Fi connections and comes with anti-theft tools to help locate and manage your data remotely. Free at Google Play

DFNDR's anti-hacking tools block fake news and spam and alerts you of malicious links in IM apps like Facebook Messanger. This app scans for programs running in the background that tend to slow down your phone, use up too much battery power or cause your device to overheat. Free at Google Play
Highlight 6 Of The Best Antivirus Tools for Android in 2020

QR Scanner:Sophos Mobile Security

This app blocks calls and filters text messages for malicious links. Its secure QR scanner checks each link to make sure they are safe before connecting you. Sophos' anti-theft tools let you remotely access stolen phones to wipe data or reset passwords, send text commands to the thieves and track where your phone is. Free at Google Play

Thanks for reading this article regarding the best Antivirus for Android. Comment below if you need any help.

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